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Regular visits to the urologist. This measure contributes to the timely detection of diseases of the reproductive system (for example, prostatitis), their successful treatment.

Prevention of diseases that can lead to impotence. Endocrine disorders, vascular problems, heart problems and other "sources" discussed above. Correct lifestyle. This concept includes 8 hours of sleep, moderate physical activity, avoidance of tension and stress.

Are you suffering from a medical condition that requires expert diagnosis and care? Perhaps you have been misdiagnosed or left wondering what is really wrong with you or a loved one? We offer second and third opinions to patients who have not been helped by a previous diagnosis and who require a highly individualized treatment plan.

Prevention will not require serious restrictions, but the measures taken will significantly reduce the threat of erectile dysfunction at any age.

Education: Diploma in the specialty "Andrology" received after completing residency at the Department of Endoscopic Urology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in the urological center of the Central Clinical Hospital No. 1 of JSC Russian Railways (2007). Postgraduate studies were completed here by 2010. Our authors.

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Eating certain foods that contain the necessary set of vitamins and minerals can help improve a man's sexual performance. In the human diet, the so-called vitamins of reproduction should be widely represented, which include A, E and representatives of group B, known for their ability to improve.

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Impotence and men is a pathological condition, which is based on a violation of the physiological ability of the penis to come into a state of erection (sexual arousal), or maintain it for a period of time sufficient for sexual intercourse (coitus). The most modern and correct name given.
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Every man can face erectile dysfunction. However, do not panic: many reasons can lead to problems with erection, and often only minor medical intervention is required in order to regain sexual strength.

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